Spotlight: Paradiso Art Hotel Ibiza

20th August 2018

If there is one thing that we can’t stop raving (and debating) about in APLO, its art. It is exactly this passion for art that we share with the people behind Paradiso Art Hotel in Ibiza. A member of the Concept Hotel Group, who are known for unique hotel concepts like Tropicana and the Cubanito; the Paradiso Art Hotel is an art-lover’s paradise set right in the pulsating heart of Ibiza, and is as eccentric as you’d expect. Located in the main thoroughfare of San Antonio bay and just a stone’s throw away from all of Ibiza’s idyllic beaches, the Paradiso Art Hotel’s art-deco facade is complete with curved pink balustrades and strong vertical accents. If Judy Jetson checked-into a hotel with James and Riccardo from Miami Vice, and bumped into Ryan Gosling’s character from Drive in the lobby — it would all be happening right here in the Paradiso Art Hotel.

Originally a sixteen year old block of holiday apartments, the Paradiso Art Hotel was designed by Madrid based Italian studio, Ilmiodesign, who transformed it into the neon-lit art deco fantasy it is today. Every corner of the hotel breathes a kind of self-aware charm, with Ilmiodesign fully embracing the kitsch of 1970s art deco. The Paradiso’s two sun-lounger lined pools are painted in flamingo pink hues, a motif that extends to the lobby area as well. In the lobby, you will find a fully furnished glass-walled room called the Zero Suite. Part-performance art and part installation, artists often hold weekly micro-residences in the Zero Suite inviting visitors (or unsuspecting lobby bystanders) to share in their creative process. Every room in the Paradiso Art Hotel looks like it has been lifted straight from Nicolas Winding Refn’s film set. All it really needs is a moody blonde and a killer electronic sound track  — and we’ve got a sleeper hit on our hands! In fact, the hotel is so full of character that no two rooms are the same; as each room doubles as a gallery space for the hotel’s many artists. The retro-futuristic interior runs through each one of the suites with neon lighting, wavy vitrolite headboards, and poppy industrial furniture, all cleverly dotted throughout the space. Small but charming additions like a Smeg fridge and Marshall speakers tie everything together — topping off Ilmiodesign’s art deco vision.

The hotel’s passion for art extends beyond their walls (of which almost none are unoccupied), and into their unique art program. Led by local artists/curators Iñaki Domingo and Diana Kunst, the Art Paradiso Program is geared towards boosting the cultural and creative fabric of Ibiza - moving beyond its reputation as a tropical party island. Not only does the hotel promote a collective of local  artists; their in-house gallery features an innovative urban art program that displays works from both local and international artists alike. Also on-site is the Adda Gallery Ibiza with its own unique program as well. Helmed by Anna Dimitrova, their current exhibition, “Technicolour," is a collective exhibition that celebrates the colours of cities like Sao Paolo, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Paris, and many more. So if you’re looking for a stay in Ibiza that’s not all “Get yo hands up in the air” — why not add some culture to your next beach holiday and explore Ibiza’s lesser known art scene with the Paradiso Art Hotel?


Words by Hannah Tan-Gillies


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