Off the Press: Introducing Instrmnt's A-Series Clock
14 September 2018
Today, our friends at Instrmnt Design Studio have just moved into the next phase of their sleek horology range with the launch of The A-Series Instrmnt Clock; a dual aspect quartz clock with a German-made movement, made to sit at either your desk or wall.  As with every other piece in Instrmnt distinctly minimal product range, there is a clear emphasis on both simplicity and functionality. Assembled in their new purpose built Glasgow workshop — every Instrumnt A-Series clock is made from raw aluminium and spun-form by hand and features their signature ’00’ dial typeset in Helvetica Neue Regular. With a removable machine-bent stainless steel stand — the Instrmnt Clock will, at some point, surely find a place in every minimalist’s home office. 
There is just something so quietly satisfying about unfussy design, and this is an insight that is core to Instrmnt’s ethos, mainly because it’s so easy to get lost in the unnecessary. We can only assume that this penchant for minimalism can be partially attributed to Instrmnt’s unique relationship with London and Glasgow - resulting in a brand vision that breathes an unpretentious modernity.
During our recent chat with Ross Baynham of Instrmnt, we talked about his the Barbican, his favourite place in the city. According to Ross, “For such a sprawling concrete brute of a scheme, the overriding theme is in my opinion — subtlety. The details need time and attention in order to be appreciated," and the same observation can be applied to the newly launched Instrmnt A-Series. Could this new release be a pre-cursor to an Instrmnt home furnishings range?  We certainly hope so. 
The Instrmnt A-Series Clock is now available for pre-order in limited numbers, with deliveries set to begin on the 15th of October
Words by Hannah Tan-Gillies 

Check out our Conversation with Ross Baynham of INSTRMNT



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