Best of the Week: It's a London Thing
2 November 2018
Every week, our editors go through a ruthless curation process to give you only the most unique places to sleep, eat, drink, and experience in the world’s most creative cities. There’s never a shortage of extraordinary things to discover, so we’re constantly updating our inventory to include the world’s most beautiful, distinct, and extraordinary places — so you can find them all right here on APLO.
This year, you’ll definitely remember the fifth of November, because we’ve got your London agenda covered this Bonfire night weekend. So if you’re hitting up the capital for a little firework fuelled reverie; here are our top picks for the best hotel, restaurant, bar, and museum to check out for a truly ‘explosive’ London weekend.
Sleep:The TommyfieldLocated above a gastropub of the same name, The Tommyfield solves the biggest issue that Londoner’s face during Bonfire night — getting home from the pub in one piece. Here, all you need to do head on upstairs and relax amidst the hotel’s 6 cosy & characterful rooms. Spread across the top two floors of this beloved Kennington icon, the Tommyfield is a home away from home for both locals and tourist alike.
Eat: St.Leonard’s Restaurant 
Helmed by Brunswick House’s Jackson Boxer and Andrew Clarke, St.Leonard’s Restaurant is a favourite within London’s creative scene. The restaurant’s pared back aesthetic is reflected in the menu’s wonderfully simple cuisine, where fresh ingredients reign supreme. Designed by Fabled Studio; the space is “monastic, arboreal, and chic” — and is basically just a breath of fresh air in the heart of buzzy Leonard Street. 
Drink: Brilliant Corners
Following a successful summer program with Giant Steps Hackney, the guys at Brilliant Corners are getting ready for a truly stellar winter season with a supporting cast of good food, good music, and strong local talent. This Dalston favourite serves up delectable Japanese cuisine in a moody izakaya inspired setting; and is the perfect spot for a seamless transition from dinner to dance floor. It’s so easy to spend an entire night at Brilliant Corners, especially with live music serenading you in the early evenings and deep rolling bass lines inviting you to stay a while longer. 
Experience: Sir John Soane’s Museum 
Since we’re celebrating a little bit of history this weekend, why not explore one of London’s most underrated heritage houses? Located in Lincoln’s Inn Fields,  Sir John Soane's Museum gives us a wonderfully strange peek into the life of one of England’s most eclectic architects. You’ll easily get lost in the house’s maze-like space, and you’ll even find a room/Pharaonic tomb, filled with tiny architectural models and an Egyptian sarcophagus. The museum is a kind of Victorian-era version of ‘Hoarders’; but instead of cheap angel-faced ceramics — we find a curious selection of rarefied architectural and archeological artefacts — including a custom-built bath that John Soane turned into a Canopic time-capsule.
Words by Hannah Tan-Gillies 


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