An illustrated guide to Newington Green
Newington Green has grown from a little misplaced patch of space in the middle of more hip neighbourhoods like Dalston and Hackney to become a thriving culture hub that still celebrates its radical past. Eventually, Newington Green’s distance from the City allowed freethinkers to set up institutions where they could further develop their unique schools of thought. One of these well-known individuals was Charles Morton who went on to teach at both Harvard and Yale University. Morton was one of the early practitioners of progressive education and a number of his pupils made names for themselves in the fields of literature and science, such as Daniel Defoe, author of Robinson Crusoe. Other former residents and visitors include Thomas Cromwell, Benjamin Franklin, and leading feminist thinker Mary Wollstonecraft who set up a school on the Green in 1784 and is the mother of Frankenstein author Mary Shelley.  
Though housing prices have soared and there have been changes to the resident dynamic, Newington Green has retained its tree-lined streets, its alternative culture, and the gratuitous feeling of being just a little bit cut off from the rest of the world. If you want to learn more about Newington Green, check out our handy infographic below 


Words by Ina Yulo 


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